Parole di Danza

Romeo-e-Giulietta-Alina-Somova-Roberto-Bolle-ph-Brescia-Amisano-Teatro-alla-Scala_rehearsalWhen you are watching two beautiful creatures dancing on a music which chases, anticipates and recalls one of the most excellent and lamentable tragedy*, you should feel all the arts smiling and weeping together. We are in the stunning frame of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, on a balcony too, so close to peer on each face, costume and musical instrument. On the stage is going to start the two-hours’ traffic written by Willian Shakesperare which Kenneth MacMillan has brought to almost three. The star-crossed lovers are Roberto Bolle and Alina Somova, two demigods whose beauty makes sometimes forget the misadventured piteous overthrows of Romeo and Juliet. To close the magic circle a young orchestra follows their conductor, Zhang Xian, a strong and passionate Chinese woman who leads them with her whole body and soul almost wrapping the dancers with Prokof’ev’s music.

Romeo-e-Giulietta-Alina-Somova-Roberto-Bolle-ph-Brescia-Amisano-Teatro-alla-Scala_2To translate all that ancient…

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