Il ‘Gran Tour’ delle vigne urbane

Torino - C’è la storia dimenticata della vigna di Leonardo a Milano e ci sono leggende dedicate alle vigne imperiali di San Venceslao che nel X secolo si inerpicavano verso il castello di Praga. A Vienna furono i Romani a portare i vigneti e oggi nell’area urbana si estendono per 690 ettari coltivati da “vignaioli … Leggi tutto Il ‘Gran Tour’ delle vigne urbane

Czech delicacy not to be missed

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Nothing for vegetarians and weight-watchers, however the local specialty called ‘veprove koleno’ (pork knee) should definitely be given a try. Especially if you like the taste of ‘Prazska sunka’ (Prague ham).
The small Prague pub ‘U hrocha’ known only to the locals and offering probably the best Pilsner beer in town offers one of the best versions of this meal and for a very affordable price (220 Kc approx €7). Stop there after visiting the Prague castle and make friends with the waiters. Warning: Be ready for some authentic experience and order your beer in Czech. 🙂 So, ‘jedno pivo’ and ‘jedno koleno, prosim’.

Dobrou chut!


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